Classic Booth - Enclosed Oval
Prices from £400.00
The first photo booth was launched in 1896. It’s no surprise that, almost 132 years later, photo booths are still providing huge amounts of fun and entertainment. Of course there have been a few tweaks in its life time and in 2018, these ‘golden oldies’ are at the top of their game. So why not step into the modern version of a traditional classic. Your guests will be entertained all night long, using the fantastic green screen technology to transform their images. They can take a trip round the world, or run from dinosaurs, enjoy a bit of time on the beach, or have their picture taken in a magical fairy garden. There really is no limitations. When your guests close that curtain, the laughter will not stop
Magic Mirror
Prices from £340.00
Don’t we all just love to strike a pose in front of the mirror and snap that Instagram worthy selfie? Why not put all that posing practice to good use at your next event with our spectacular Magic Mirror. Your guests will be amazed when they see our mirror come alive with lots of fun animations and sounds. They can strike that winning pose, using our mirror to make sure they are on fleek before the mirror captures them in all their selfie glory. With full length, portrait images, you’re onto a winner because dang, when we look this good, we want to show it all off.
Beauty Mirror
Prices from £395.00
Your selfie game is strong! Your photo booth game should be too. Our Beauty Mirror, really is a little beaut that is slayin’ it. Dare to be different. Dare to step out from the norm and really AMAZE your guests at your next event. This beautiful mirror will keep your guests entertained all night long, with its sleek, elegant look, it’s fun animations and sounds. Fancy a beauty filter? You got it! Want to print and text your images. We’ve got you covered there too. Its interactive abilities are a show stopper from start to finish. With neon signature facilities, emoji stamps and fun games, the Beauty Mirror will really make your event stand out from all the rest.
Selfie Wizard
Prices from £295.00
The Selfie Wizard is a super cool little device! With its own built in WiFi, it never has to worry about 4G or hotels/venues WIFI etc! This little beauty runs on its own! It’s not a photo booth, but rather a sharing station. Your guests snap their photos using their ever so handy mobile phone, because who doesn’t carry this around with them every where they go!? But instead of the pictures just living on their phone, forgotten there picture get a new lease of life and get instantly printed! Perfect for the fridge, cork board or office! Your guests simply switch to the selfie wizard WiFi and effortlessly share the images they choose from their phone. The images will be displayed on a larger than life mobile phone screen for all to see and enjoy! This can get quite funny and the images will play on a looping slideshow throughout the evening. When the guests have shared their photos, they simply head over to the attendant and collect their prints! All personalised with your party details to remember your fun night. And the really good news……… they can upload as often as they want. This is a great little device that really is something different but also doesn’t break the bank.